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Step By Step Guide To Publishing An Article

First, register to be a reporter. Once you’re signed in, select the Publish an Article tab located on the home page.

Enter Title

Always include important keywords in your titles. If you are writing about a specific person, Make sure to include that person’s name in your headline.

Add Content

When writing your article, be sure to back up your facts with references. Hyperlinks are an important tool that will bring credibility to your articles. If your source is available online, please post a link back to the source. Do not worry about losing your reader when including links. If this is a concern, simply choose the option to have your links open in a new browser window.

Libelous Content

Do not post libelous content. Stick to this basic rule: You can criticize a person’s statements or actions, but not the person directly. A person can say or do something that is stupid, but that does not necessarily mean the person who said it or did it is also stupid. We discourage name calling and personal attacks.


We encourage all contributors to add photos to your articles.  Do not steal images from websites to add to your articles. A quick Google search for images will not provide you with acceptable images. Make sure you have the rights to use an image. If the image is your own or you have permission from the owner then you are welcome to post.

If you do not have images available, we encourage you to use the “Pixabay” button on the “Add New Post” page to choose images.

Featured Image (required)

When posting your article you will see a “featured Image” section on the bottom right of your screen. You must include a featured image so your article will display properly on the front page of the website. An image with a horizontal landscape is preferred. This image will not appear on your article page. Your article will not be published if it does not have a featured image. If you need photos, please check outvroyalty free photos at flickr. You can also click on the “Pixabay” button on the “Add New Post” page to search for creative commons images.


Add videos using the “insert/edit video” tab. Add the video URL in the source line or click the embed tab to embed the video. Adjust the size of the video player by dragging the box in the editor.


Choose a main category and a subcategory that pertains to your article content.

Creative Commons

Articles on this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported, by default. You have the option of editing the license guidelines in the drop-down menu.


Please spell check your articles before submitting for review.


Before publishing, you need to answer the question “Did YOU write, photograph this report?”

Once all steps are completed, select Publish. If you’re not ready, Save as Draft instead. You can also preview your article prior to publishing it.