Squawking Tech Users

Guide Lines

Squawking Tech maintains a high journalistic standard, so we’re specific about what belongs on our website and what does not.  The Squawking Tech web site is curated. That means that every article is checked by a volunteer editor before it is published. Bottom line: reporting must be your own original work, and it must be true.  Reporting can’t be copyright-infringing, related to selling a product or service, promoting paid web site traffic, paid public relations, pornographic, hateful or prejudice against a particular religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity.

Your work should be…

Original: written and photographed completely by you.

Noncommercial: unrelated to selling anything, making people click or collect email addresses, paid to promote a person, business, political party, candidate or idea.

News and Opinion: concerning world events, personalities, trends and developments.

True: must be completely accurate and unadulterated.

Suggested stories: personal, local and firsthand accounts of events you witnessed yourself.  Issues that matter to a specific, defined region or community.

Strictly Forbidden…

Unoriginal work.  Shortcut: if you didn’t write or photograph it, don’t post it.  Don’t copy from a blog or forum.  More examples below…

Articles from other news sites. Articles and images that are not your original work will never make it onto the web site.

“Purchased” articles.  There are websites that sell the rights to articles for reprint–Squawking Tech will not publish these articles.  Again, all your posts must be original work– even if you own the rights.

Pornography, hate and obscenity.  Anything sexual or hateful in nature or using gratuitously strong language and expletives will be removed.

Commercial articles, advertisements, pubic relations and press releases.  Anything linking to an affiliate or trying to sell something or promote a paid agenda is strictly forbidden unless it is related to a Squawking Tech sponsor.

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