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Best MCAT Prep Books

Are you searching for the best MCAT preparation books and materials for 2016? Take a look at our hand-picked list of the Top 8 best MCAT text books and read reviews on why we believe these study guides are the best for learning the MCAT.

The MCAT is the entry examination for medical school. As a result, it’s really a vitally important examination and there are plenty of resources to choose from to help you prepare you for the exam. With so many resources and literature to choose from, which of them might be best MCAT prep books for 2016? This awesome article will attempt to provide some of the very best options for 2016.

Best MCAT Prep Books 2016

The very best, and maybe most crucial, books for the test would be those that are printed by the AAMC. The AAMC features a wide range of books that vary from test score data to useful funds management for medical students. The methods to pay attention to here for the purposes of the MCAT examare the MCAT study books, the practice examinations, and questions for every section. The guidebook is actually slightly out-of-date, because it is not updated for the newest examination. The AAMC content material outlines provides you with all the info you require on tested subject areas. Only a few of these are paper text books, nevertheless I would consider these some of the most vital and accurate resources for MCAT prep.

Certainly one of my top picks in MCAT prep is the Examkrackers MCAT Study bundle. I used this combined with the MCAT osmosis audio package. The main reason I would suggest this collection is really because it is extremely centered on test material and content. It will not overwhelm you with every principle in chemistry, biology, and physics, but instead hones in around the particular principles tested by MCAT. An important disadvantage in this is it needs a reasonably solid background in each subject, since this is more of a test review set.

To get a more comprehensive and complete breakdown of MCAT subjects, I found Kaplan’s package to be very useful. As confirmed by the 7 book set, it explores in serious depth on all of the topics the MCAT will test. A positive here is you will have an in depth comprehension of everything you have learned in chemistry, biology, physics, and reading understanding. One drawback I discovered is that it covered greater detail than was really tested within the actual examination.

You will find many resources readily available for MCAT prep. Most of the time, each resource is absolutely fine and it will be hard to make it through even one preparation resource entirely. Try and pick one or two resources that suit your style of learning and adhere to that, instead of looking to use lots of various resources.


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